Target the right audience, in the right channels at the right time with the right message. 

Know your audience and media. 


We work with business to define their goals and then build and implement the strategy to achieve them.

Generally we start at the bottom of the funnel (lead management) and work our way up. There's not much use adding more prospects to the funnel if the leads currently being generated are wasted.

Data & Insights

We are living in the age of big-data. Every portal and platform we use generates data. What's wheat and what's chaff?

Making sense of it all and marring data from different platforms is a real challenge for businesses.

We understand the key data points, what influences them and we can blend and merge data to give owners an accurate insight into their business. 

Media Planing

With over 12 years' experience working publisher side we know how to identify the prime positions and ask the right questions of publishers. We will get your brand in the best ad units and positions. 

Let us help

To discuss how we can improve your digital footprint, help sell more product and waste less budget, mail us today and we will be in contact in the next 24 hours.

Brian has over 12 years’ experience helping clients understand and adapt to the changes in the media landscape and the evolving path to purchase across multiple industries.


Prior to Retain, Brian’s was the Strategy & Insights Manager at Brian can join the dots and make numbers and data tell compelling stories.


Brian delivers insights and solutions to business challenges: a skilled, strategic & creative thinker adept at identifying opportunities and developing solutions to meet them.



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