All traffic is not created equal.


AdWords is a fantastic tool for reaching and directing a high-quality audience to your site. One of the main factors that makes Adwords so powerful is that your Ads are only targeted to relevant users and displayed when they are actively searching for your product or service.

Common Mistakes


Top line AdWords accounts can look great. Plenty of clicks (and a high CTR if being compared to display advertising). It’s the details that matter.


Things we have seen when taking over a self-managed account:

  • Set and forget attitude. Campaigns set to ‘Maximise clicks’ and not looked at again. Search is a moving animal and constantly evolving as users ‘search’. New keywords are popping up daily and they need to be assessed.

  • No Negative key words. For example, a dealer or an OEM selling a vehicle should not be turning up on ‘parts’ or ‘accessories’ searches or searches for a 1980 ABC brand when selling New.

  • Majority of budget going on brand terms when no competitors are targeting the brand and the brand has top 4 or 5 organic rankings

  • As high as 60% of budget on non-related keywords due to bad keyword research and no regular campaign monitoring.

  • Non-related landing pages. Landing traffic on the homepage rather than on the product details page.

  • All the budget spent on competitor targeting. If a user is searching for ‘[Make] model for sale near me’, they are highly qualified for that make and model. Conquesting will result in low-quality traffic, low CTR and low-quality score. This budget can be better used attracting high-quality traffic more likely to convert.

  • No goals or conversions set.

The above usually results in a CTR of well below 1% and a large portion of the budget wasted on low-quality traffic.


Managed account

Adwords, when done well is a fantastic means of attracting potential ‘in-market’ customers with intent to your site.

However, it needs ongoing management.  This includes:

  • Review of Search Queries from  Keywords Searches to expand Keyword Lists and capture Negative Terms.

  • Constantly evolving  A/ B split testing of Ad Creative.

  • Bid Management strategy around best performing ROI terms.

Let us help

To discuss how we can improve your Adwords campaign, help sell more product and waste less budget, send us a note and we will be in contact in the next 24 hours.


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