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Social Media

Before getting involved in Social media a business needs to decide:

  1. Why are they on the platform?

  2. What do they want to achieve?

  3. Do they have the resources to manage it?


Too often we see business on platforms without any real strategy or knowledge of what they are doing but feel like they have to be on it because everyone else is. It’s a box-ticking exercise.


Some examples can include:

Twitter: Twitter is more akin to a business platform like LinkedIn. It’s great for getting information out to the media, but we've not yet come across a dealer (or OEM for that matter) that has been able to successfully gain much traction with it.


Constant selling: Dealers and retailers only pushing ‘sales’ or ‘product for sale’ messaging. This is average content. Users don’t engage with it, like or share it, and as a result Facebook deems it poor-quality content and pushes it down the search feed. This then impacts other posts from the same account and becomes a vicious circle with low-quality content performing poorly and failing to serve business goals.


Buying likes: Brands buying ‘likes’ to seem bigger than they are. This leads to low engagement.

For example, this brand has 10 times the number of likes as the category leader:

It posted 43 times in the week in question and while 2.5k engagements may seem like a lot, it is only 7 engagements per ‘000 likes.


In the same week this brand (who’s account we manage) in the same category posted 18 times and generated 573 engagements (136 engagements per ‘000 likes)

Don’t just grow your social audience for the sake of a big number. Build a quality audience. Get to know them and give them engaging content.


That’s what we do.


Let us help

The key is known what content to push and how often to push what to get results.

To get your social media presence on track please mail us and we will be in contact in the next 24 hours.


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